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Jello Shots…. Yum. January 22, 2010

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These are pretty simple to make and ooooooohhhhhhhhs so good .   I had them at a baby shower (granted the mother couldn’t partake) but they are cool and refreshing, and yes I know its January but sometimes you need a little taste of summer.


  • 1 package ( 5 Oz. Box) Cheesecake Flavored Pudding (large Size)
  • 1-½ cup Milk
  • ½ cups Liqueur (you Can Use Almost Any Flavor)
  • ¾ cups Vodka
  • 16 ounces, weight Cool Whip

1) Mix together the milk and pudding.
2) Add alcohol, mix.
3) Fold in the Cool Whip.
4) Divide into 1/2 oz. sample disposable plastic cups and cover with lids (I get mine at the restaurant supply store, Gordon Food Service, but I’m sure Sam’s or Costco carries them as well).

Once they are all packed up, I just throw them in a plastic shopping bag and toss into the freezer for a few hours.

This recipe is really easy to make different variations of—my favorite to use is raspberry-flavored alcohol. Others include:

Chocolate pudding with Irish cream liqueur (i.e. Bailey’s)
Chocolate pudding with banana-flavored liqueur
Cheesecake pudding with Kahlua (this one is really good and to me tastes like vanilla ice cream)

Play around with the flavors of both the pudding and the liqueurs for some fun. The vodka always goes in, but you can certainly use different flavors of that as well.


Its been a long time.. December 1, 2009

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I haven’t been around in.. well a very long time.  And I’m still not feeling exactly chatty, but I have been taking lots of pictures, so I thought I’d post a few of them on here.. including the finished quilt that I never got around to posting earlier.

Finished quilt - note the bright pink toes 😉 and crazy messy floor

Quilt Details

Quilt ties and one of my favorite pieces of fabric!

One of my little cousins

Autumn at my mom's house involves lots of hikes with pretty photo ops

The Mighty Mac


More to come soon….


Adventures in Photoshop August 20, 2009

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For my birthday last month my dad bought me photoshop.  Since my birthday I have been up north a number of times to visit a camp I used to work at as well as some friends from college and have been snapping photos the whole way… Anyways, heres one of the shots from Mackinaw Island with various actions applied to it….

bikes 70s


bikes edited copy

Probably my favorite one







Black and White

Black and White

BW Beauty

BW Beauty




I think I found a sign…. July 11, 2009

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(I know I’ve been gone for a long while, lots of things going on, the quilt is finished though and I’ll post pictures soon (hopefully).)

So for the past couple of years I’ve talked to my friends and family about wanting to run in a marthon.  I know a few people who have done this and I’ve always looked on them with envy that they were able to do something that pushes them to the limits like that.  I did buy a book on running just because I haven’t done much of it since middle school or high school thanks to my asthma.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to run, its just that my lungs don’t, and that makes it a little problematic.  I DO know, however, that when I run I want to run to raise money and support a cause.  In my mind it would be either cancer, heart disease, or diabetes because my grandfather had all three.

Yesterday when I checked my mail, there was a letter from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and it was about informational meetings for their  Team in Training program which is their marathon fundraisers.  I haven’t signed up for any mailings from this organization and have never attended any of their functions, but I feel as if I am supposed to do this.  Someone from my workplace has a family member battling leukemia and my heart goes  out to them on a daily basis.  I have already signed up for the kick off meeting in East Lansing and am so excited to be a part of this.  There are a few events I could choose from, the two it came down to though because of timing were the Walt Disney World Marathon – which would be great but I go to Florida a lot, and the one that I am hoping to do which is the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon

There are a few reasons why I want to do this,

  1. I want to help a cause thats important to me and that I feel needs and deserves support.  Like many people today, I have seen way too many people die from cancer and have seen many of my friends and family have to say goodbye to loved ones too early.
  2. I REALLY want to get back into shape.  By joining the running club, I am not going to have any excuses to not get out there and move.  I’ll also have a coach and team members who will be going through the whole process with me which is great because I know this will probably be one of the hardest things I will ever put my body through.
  3. Because someone who has an impact on my life is going through this right now, this run has a personal feel as well.

I will be sure to be using this to keep my friends and family posted on my progress as well as fundraising efforts *wink wink*  But thats still a ways off…

Wish me luck!


May 11, 2009

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This quilt back will be the death of me. Details to come.


Spring is in bloom May 2, 2009

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Just a few pics from my walk around campus yesterday…


Quilting April 29, 2009

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I have been DYING to do this for about 2 years now and when mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas I had no more excuses.  So yesterday I finally hooked her up and starting playing with scraps – and let me tell you I sucked.  I couldn’t sew in a straight line to save my life.  But it didn’t take long for me to remember all the little tricks mom taught me back in the day or the many adventures I’d had sewing with my grandma every Christmas.  So I said screw starting with easy pillow cases I’m jumping in – ignoring the fact that I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry and a very sorry looking kitchen.  I went up to Joanne’s just to grab a book on how to do it and a bigger cutting board, when 100 dollars, 4 new pieces of fabric, pins, scissors, and two books (one sewing, one quilting) later and I was on my way.  PHEW.

These are the fabrics I picked out… aren’t they pretty!?!  The vintage floral pattern reminds me of my Vera Bradley bag… plus I just LOVE it.

Anyways I started out with an easy 4-patch pattern per the books instructions

Myrna tried to eat the batting….silly kitty that doesn’t taste good.

After I sliced them all up (forgot to take pictures of the process) I had to sew the strips green and purple fabric together.

Please excuse the pudgy fingers.  I have hands like a five year old

This is what they look like once they are done being sewn before I pressed them:
(Note: Pressing is apparently NOT the same as ironing .  The difference being that when you IRON you glide the iron over the fabric and move it around, but when you PRESS you simply hold the iron in one place and move it as little as possible)
Also, please excuse the bad lighting and angle.  It was late. And I forgot to change the white balance on my camera.  And I am too lazy to go play with picasa or picnik right now.  And I’m too poor to get photoshop.  Though that will probably change this summer.

Post pressing:

Moving on…

I had to slice them at this point into the small rectangles that would make up half a block

Then sew pairs of these new smaller rectangles together to make my blocks – I think I did this around 24 times….

Here are all my completed blocks, both the small ones I made and the larger focus ones in the floral pattern

Laying out the pattern so I can make sure I have everything…

Myrna made a home on top of some of the rows I had completed… After laying them all out I had to go and sew each row individually before being able to put it all together

To do this, I had to line up the edges of each piece and place the side I wanted to show (printed side) together so that the wrong sides were facing out in order to hide the seam.

Finally, The front of the piece was complete!  I just have to put the batting and back on it.  But I forgot to buy safety pins and a walking foot for my machine.  So that will have to wait a day or two.  Its by no means a perfect quilt, there a few squares that didn’t line up as nicely as they should, but it is a lot bigger than I had thought it would be…  However, considering its my first quilt and one of my first sewing projects I am thrilled with how it turned out.  And I’m sure my little niece will be as well.  When she can actually appreciate things other than food, sleeping, and clean diapers.  Once the back is done I’ll update with that process as well as a photo of the fabric i’m using as well.

Please excuse the mess in the background.. this is in my spare room and the cat knocked over the basket that held some books along with my old pound puppy, while the quilt is on top of a deflated bed.

I’ll post more when I get the rest of the quilt done hopefully this week after finals…